The University Program Board ( Upb )

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Dee Hock once said, “An organization no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” Hock’s words are the epitome of how a successful organization functions, as without the people an organization is nothing much like leadership. For the CLIP project we chose to analyze and participate in the University Program Board (UPB) because it is one of the most well known and most active organizations on campus. UPB, first began in 1953 as a student volunteer organization and has since evolved to the organization it is today. The board has gone through many forms and name changes, adjusting to the present needs of students to offer the best in entertainment. UPB is comprised of one full-time staff advisor,…show more content…
Additionally, UPB provides opportunities to enhance professional growth, develop creativity, and to learn about the extensive diversity at Ball State. It truly empowers students. Member Spotlight Scott Carrico is the full-time staff advisor to UPB and also a student center employee. He accepted the role of being UPB’s advisor in January 2013. Carrico did his undergraduate work at Indiana University-Bloomington. There he was involved in orientation and their program board which inspired him to pursue a degree in Student Affairs at the University of South Carolina. Afterwards, he accepted a job at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign in program funding and finance. Though Carrico’s true passion was actually programming and working with students so he accepted his position at Ball State. In his role, he provides UPB assistance with contracts, negotiating vendors, providing guidance to the board members together and individually, reserving venues, and meeting with university leadership regarding funding. Carrico is a laissez-faire leader who believes in the empowerment of his student leaders and members. From our observations at meetings, we saw that he does a lot of the behind the scene work and goes with the flow and will occasionally provide his input. We were quite puzzled with his participation in the first meeting, but slowly understood how his style gets the job done throughout the weeks. Carrico believes intrinsic
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