The University School Of Medicine

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Tulane University School of Medicine is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and was founded in 1834. The medical school is the second oldest medical school in the Deep South and is the fifteenth oldest medical school in the country. Tulane only selects the most well qualified students into their medical program. Each year, approximately ten thousand prospective students submit applications to the university with only about 500 receiving an invitation for an interview. form those 500, 212 will be accepted into the school. This number is actually on the upper end medical school student bodies in the country. The entire population of about 770 students, is about 40% more than the average medical school size. The average GPA of students is 3.61, but Tulane has admitted students with GPA scores anywhere from 3.9 to 3.27. The average MCAT score of students is a 33 out of 45, an 11 on each of the biological sciences, physical sciences, and verbal reasoning sections. This MCAT scores places Tulane at slightly above average compared to other medical schools. The school utilizes the American Medical College Application Service, so applications can be submitted at A secondary application specific to Tulane must also be completed. Letters of recommendation as well as a pre-health committee packet is required. Of the three letters of recommendation needed, two must be from science professors and the third from a professor of the student’s choice. Tulane charges a $125
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