The University School Of Music With The Yale Phillharmonia

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On April 29th, 2016 the Yale School of Music with the Yale Phillharmonia had conductor Peter Oundjian as their season closer, which featured Motzarts Symphony No. 41 in C Major, “Juipiter”, and Hoslt’s “The Planets” as their featured pieces. When I first walked into the concert hall, I noticed the depth of the sound when people were talking. The sound seemed to echo even though people were talking in hushed tones. The sound seemed to vibrate off the walls just from pure conversation so I was excited to see what the pieces would sound like initially when the concert first started. I also noted the decent size of the concert hall. I thought it was going to be tiny, while it wasn’t huge it was a very good size and could hold a lot of people.…show more content…
He has studied at places like the Royal College of Music and Julliard. In 1980, he received his first prize at the International Violin Competition coming in first place in Chile. He was the first violinist at the Tokyo String Quartet and stayed with them for over 14 years. He was the artistic director of the Anstardam Sinfonietta until 2003. He has been with Yale University for 40 years and remains the music director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and also is the director of the Yale Phillharmonia orchestra. The two pieces that I heard at this concert was Mozart’s symphony No.41 for the first half until intermission and the second half of the concert was Holst “The Planets.” I found this interesting because these are two different types of pieces stylistically but had the same running theme of the solar system and planets. The first lasted around 35 minutes from start to finish and the second was a little over 40 minutes. Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 was written around the time of the French revolution. It is names the “Jupiter Symphony” Overall it fallows the classic Sonata form with four main movements. The music started off with a four-note slur in the first movement. It seemed almost playful. This repeated multiple times until the piece went into legato with violins. Then a French horn was added and the movement went on with sporadic violin slurs. It seemed

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