The University of Arizona: Bobcats Senior Honorary

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James Allen History and Traditions Tradition Paper Bobcats Senior Honorary The University of Arizona is an institution of academic greatness, progressive social experiences, and brilliant research. As Arizona’s first, Land Grant University, it is home to many loving alumni who have built a rich and nationally competitive amount of school spirit and tradition. Though many traditions are visible and well known, such as the tale of John Button Salmon and his famous last words, “Bear Down,” there are many other intricacies and groups that exist on campus adding to the weave of the University’s collective traditions. One such organization is known as the Bobcats, a senior year honorary associated with the UA Alumni Association, that has…show more content…
"We believe this organization is the most open, frank, sincere and unbiased group on the campus and to have it continue is our ideal. We know no party lines, we harbor no petty jealousies, we tolerate the indifferent, back the worker, abhor the knocker, and idolize the person who shows that he has the welfare of the University at heart. We idolize him because he possesses these admirable qualities and it matters not to us how he demonstrates it. "In order to keep abreast with the remarkable growth of the school, we believe that the time is ripe for some changes and reforms to take place within the institution but safety and substantial progress does not lie in hysteria and agitation, so we advocate a sane and intelligent appreciation and knowledge of our existing laws, traditions and customs before attempting to improve what now exists. But having a respect for our existing habits and customs that border on veneration, we still believe that academics, athletics, and social conditions can be materially bettered by whole-hearted support and cooperation to the entire University personnel.” (Arizona Daily Wildcat) With this information publically released, the organization soon garnered respect and appreciation, and the stir of student

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