The University of Illinois

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Is it possible to find the perfect college? Well I think that I have found mine. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a great college for me. It has all the aspects in a college that I am looking for. The University of Illinois has an interesting history and a prestigious reputation. It also has top of the line education, campus, and baseball program. The University of Illinois has some interesting history about it. It was founded in 1867 by John Milton Gregory, and started off with only two faculty members. Their enrollment increase after World War II. Gregory started his career off as Superintendent of Public Institution in Michigan in 1858. After his tenure in Michigan, Gregory became the president at Kalamazoo…show more content…
They are made up of 17 colleges; however, they have 150 programs of study to choose from (Wikipedia Contributors). Their student-faculty ratio is 16:1, and 34% of the classes have less than 20 students. One of the colleges is The College of Business. They are ranked 37th in Best Business Schools by United States News Best Grad School Rankings (Education Colleges). Also, they are ranked 14th in College of Business by University and College Rankings. The College of Business is going to be my chosen major. This is really important because I want to receive the best education possible. The College of Business has 7 major choices: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Process Management, Information System and Information Tech., Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management (U of I Review). The University of Illinois College of Business website states that, “In the college of Business at Illinois, a passion for excellence drives how we learn, teach, research, and engage in the business world. Our faculty, students, and alumni comprise an incomparable network of brilliant people setting the highest standards for leadership in the global economy. The state-of-the-art Business Instructional Facility has earned the world’s highest honor for sustainable, environmentally friendly construction and design” (College of Business). The website is pointing out some of the positive aspects
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