The University 's Policy On Plagiarism

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In modern times, wearable technology is one of the biggest trends. Ranging from the google glass to a wrist mounted phone, 2014 has seen a wide variety of wearable technology emerge at all the top rated technology shows.

I declare that this is my own work and that any material I have referred to has been accurately and consistently referenced. I have read the University’s policy on plagiarism and understand the definition of plagiarism as given in the course handbook. If it is shown that material has been plagiarised, or I have otherwise attempted to obtain an unfair advantage for myself or others, I understand that I may face sanctions in accordance with the policies and procedures of the University. A mark of zero may be awarded and the reason for that mark will be recorded on my file.

Definition of “Wearable Devices”

A wearable device is any form of technology that can be placed on the person and used hands free. So this ranges from wrist, head to legs and feet. Even bluetooth and wireless headsets are considered wearable technology.

History of Wearable Devices

Wearable technology was first brought about to try and cheat casinos, an MIT professor designed a wearable computer that gave him an edge in gambling back in the 1960 's. It was claimed that the wearer gained a 44% edge in Roulette. In the 1970s a second wearable device was invented to improve the wearers chances at Blackjack, this device was mounted inside a shoe and was operated via the…
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