The Unjust American Freedom

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The Unjust Freedom The way the Americans gained independence may not be as valiant as it seems. The war lacked just war criteria despite many arguments. The idea was foolish and unnecessary and proved the lack of development amongst this young territory. Many factors lead to this premature uprising and the French and Indian War is a great reason for most of those factors. The decision by the American colonists to revolt against British rule was premature and overly aggressive. The American plea for a Revolution did not meet the criteria of a just war. The factors for a just war are as follows: probability of success, last resort, proportionate cause, comparative justice, competent authority, just cause, and right intention (Keown "American"). For a war to be just, the war must meet all of the criteria for a just war. Though it’s hard to name a war that met all of the just war criteria, it is just as hard, if not harder to name a war that was justified. At the time, the probability of success would be against the colonists. The British had the best navy in the world at the time and were a global powerhouse (Keown "American"). The fight was not a ʺlast resortʺ because independence had been gained from Britain without raising arms (Keown ʺAmericanʺ). The colonists lacked proportionate cause because the colonists already had financial issues and needed foreign mercenary aid to help finance the fight (Keown ʺAmericanʺ). Transition There are various points that one could argue
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