The Unjust Diseases Take Over Convicts

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Unjust Diseases Take Over Convicts

According to Henry J. Steadman in his article titled Prevalence of Serious Mental Illness Among Jail Inmates and sponsored by Psychiatric Services, “⅔ of convicts met criteria for a lifetime psychiatric disorder, anxiety disorder, and antisocial personality disorder.” Theodore M. Hammett, Mary Patricia Harmon, and William Rhodes also stated in the article The Burden of Infectious Disease Among Inmates of and Releases From United States Correctional Facilities sponsored by American Journal of Public Health, that “Political leaders and the public have not recognized the importance of correctional settings for health interventions.” With this information at hand, government should take action into treating convicts in a more humane way, having access to better medical treatment, and safety precaution rules. The society will also benefit from treating inmates properly by minimizing the amount of civilians infected with diseases, and providing more jobs

Although prisoners are already treated well based on beliefs and racial ethnicity; proper medical treatment is often overlooked. According to Joseph A. Brick, in his work titled Infection Control in Jails and Prisons published by Oxford University, “Most jails and prisons were constructed to maximize public safety, not to minimize the transmission of disease or to efficiently deliver health care.” A study conducted in 2008 by U.S. Department of Justice and published by Treatment…
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