The Unjust Trade And Enslavement Of Human Beings

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The unjustified trade and enslavement of human beings is known as human trafficking. Traffic victims are most times compelled to sell their freedom, and are subject to coercive subjugation. Human trafficking occurs throughout the United States and globally. Trafficking of person is driven by high profits and low risk, as traffickers generate billions of dollars yearly, and a low chance of the activities of traffickers been discovered by appropriate authorities. Trafficking of humans ultimately has grave consequences on it victims. Human Trafficking is described as the recruitment, transportation, and transfer of persons for exploitation purposes. This is usually carried out by the means of threat or use of force and other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception and abuse of persons in a vulnerable position. Rarely, the giving and receiving of payments or benefits are given to persons to be exploited in order to achieve their consent. In the United States, the attempts to commit, participate as an accomplice, organize or direct others to commit trafficking is considered a criminal offence which could earn a human trafficker between three years to life in prison based on individual state laws. According to S.Bhat & C. Joseph (2013), trafficking in humans can occur in various ways: “Human trafficking occurs in the form of sex trafficking, where women and children are reduced to sexual commodities, bonded labor indicated by forced labor seen in mining,…

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