The Unknown Assassin - Original Writing

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The Unknown Assassin People. Tons and tons of people. I attentively scope my surroundings as they wave their homemade signs in the air, anxiously awaiting for the person they all came here to see. The mustard-colored sun beats down on the pavement and the trees sway back and forth gracefully in the wind; the leaves just beginning to fall on this late November morning. Who knew there could be so much excitement in one place? I, however, do not wave signs. I do not cringe inside with anticipation. I do not chant, cheer, or holler. I am silent. I do not say a word. I crouch behind the dusty, worn-down fence, and think carefully of what I am about to do. Is it worth it? Will I be satisfied? What will happen to this country? The car isn’t…show more content…
Mama and Papa always talked about how he will “ruin our nation” and how his “communist policies” were unfair and unjust. I didn’t really pay attention to the protests or the news however, because my job was my main and primary focus. Being twenty-one, I worked as a book clerk at a local library around town almost everyday in order to help provide for our family of four. I was forced to quit college because the economy was slowly plummeting, but I didn’t mind putting in the extra hours if it would help out. “They aren’t in a good mood this morning,” Rosa exclaimed with a worrisome look on her face. “Mama and Papa know something is wrong.” “Everything is fine,” I reassured her with a smile, “Just go to school and don’t get into any trouble.” She hopped out the door, almost dropped her lunch, and waved back at me while laughing. That day would be my last in Cuba, for Mama told us about our departure that night. ****************************************************************************** John F. Kennedy. That name had always been captivating to me from the start. After Rosa and I first came to the United States in Miami, Florida with our visa-waivers, I began to learn who this man was and how he affected Cuba. Mama and Papa were still back in our home with Castro, the man who Kennedy eventually tried to take down but failed. They were not able to come with me and Rosa to America because the waivers were only
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