The Unknown Citizen By F. H. Auden, A & P

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In the three literary works that were chosen, “The Known Citizen” by W. H. Auden, “A & P” by John Updike, and “Antigone” by Sophocles has a theme that is known to be conformity and rebellious. The poem “The Unknown Citizen” is mainly about the unknown man who is a conformist because he listens to all the rules that are made for the society. On the other hand, the short story “A & P” has a conformist character who enforces the rules for the supermarket and a rebellious character who goes against the rules for the supermarket. Similar to “A & P” the play “Antigone” also has a conformist character who likes to go by the rules that the society has made; however, a rebellious character who is always goes against the rules made for the society. The three different writings that represent a character who conforms within these writings. A conformist is someone who follows the rules that are given to them without any complaints. On the other hand, the three literary writings also have characters that are rebellious within these writings. A rebellious person is someone who does not follow the rules that are given to them; therefore, the rebellions go against the rules. Within the three different pieces of writings there is a character who represents conformity within them. For instance, W. H. Auden wrote the poem “The Unknown Citizen”. This poem has a main character that represents a conformist; however, this character does not have a name which is why the poem is called “The Unknown
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