The Unknown Of D Day

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Matthew Fear
Ms. Williams
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18 April 2016

The Unknown of D-Day June 6th, 1944 will be a day forever remembered in history as the beginning of the end for Nazi Control in Western Europe. D-Day, otherwise known as Operation Overlord, was a combined effort of allied forces consisting of Americans, British, Belgium, Canadian, French, Danish, and Norwegian military branches to free Europe from notorious German control. Many questions involving D-Day have yet to be answered, such as the ones to be listed. How did the French Underground/French Resistance assist in the invasion? Why were paratroopers crucial to the push inland from the beaches? Why were the German Panzer tanks kept in reserve when they could’ve pushed the allied advance back? What were the tactical failures committed by the Germans? And what was the aftermath for the French following the invasion?

Only a small amount of information has shed light on the topic of the German’s tactical blunders that occurred on and around D-Day. As stated by historical documents collected by Cornelius Ryan, who was an Irish author who followed allied units in Europe and the Pacific during WWII, “And so it was that, one by one, senior officers from Rommel down had left the front on the very eve of the battle. All of them had reasons, but it was almost as thought a capricious fate had manipulated their departure.” (Ryan 106). Based upon the actions of these commanding officers taking leave to visit family, or…

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