The Unknown Slaughter : Animal Slaughter

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Xandria Minnitt Eng. 132 Sec. 1 Dr. Deal Spring 2015 The Unknown Slaughter Many people in the United States view dolphins as something more than just another aquatic creature. There is something very human like about them; their intelligence, curiosity, and kindness are all characteristics that people can appreciate. To many people across the world dolphins are the fun and loveable mammals of the sea; and most of all, humans are fascinated by their intellect. However, all across the globe dolphins are being slaughtered at a mass rate. Not only are they being killed, but they are being tortured as well, dying slow and painful deaths at the hands of various hunters. This is because many people in other countries are unaware of the truth…show more content…
Governments in countries such as Japan and Denmark are covering up the mass killings of the innocent creatures. People are convinced that dolphins are being killed in a peaceful calm manner. The dolphins are being brutally murdered from September till March in areas such as Taiji, Japan. The dolphins are being first captured by dive fisheries. According to, “Dolphin Meat Obtained In Japan Drive Fisheries”, a dive fishery is capturing fish (dolphins) by luring them to a cove or a harbor such in Tajii or Denmark. After they are lured into a secured area the dolphins are brutally hacked, stabbed and attacked with spears. Often childlike screams come from the dolphins as they are being brutally murdered. The people need to be educated that dolphins are in fact being killed a ferocious death at the hands of greedy hunters. Researchers at Save Japans’ Dolphins report that, upon being stabbed they do not die instantly, they instead choke on their own blood or suffocate because their blow holes are filled with their own bloody water because they are not strong enough to resurface to dive. Often it takes minutes for them die. The slaughter of dolphins is also known as “pest control”. According to, Facts about the Dolphin Slaughter, people have been manipulated into believing that dolphins are eating all of the native fish. The dolphins are not
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