The Unknown World : A Gang Of Boys Walked Down The Street

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The Unknown world A gang of boys walked down the street. There was a lonely boy whose name is Philip, he was 17 years old. As he was walking their direction with his head down, staring at the ground and kicking the road beneath him. He knew the boys walking across from him would taunt him. They knew he was a lonely kid whose parents were drug addicts and whose siblings were gangsters. But he wasn 't like them, because he was different. He had talents that he kept inside of him. His family had caused a deep cut through his heart. He was the kid who was never proud of himself. He never tried anything because he thought people would laugh at him and make fun of him and his family. He just never had the courage…show more content…
"Let 's teach this “Savior” a lesson!" the boy’s said. They pushed him, but the kid didn’t fall. He punched each one and brawled them to the ground until a boy came from the back and cut him with a pocket knife. “Ahhh!” the kid screamed. "Next time, pick on someone your own size, " the gang yelled. Philip got up. He knew he had enough. “Hey losers running away so fast?” Philip speared a kid and took his pocket knife and cut another boy. The other kid got up and twisted one guy’s arm and punched him till he hit the ground. They both ran away in horror. "Thank you, " said Philip. "Who are you? I 've never seen you here before." "I 'm Jared. " "Hello, Jared. I 'm Philip. Would you like to be friends with me?" "Sure, why not. " Philip 's lips grinned and he said, "You know, you are my first friend!" "What?" "Yeah, no one was my friend. I never had the courage to ask them. " "WOW!" "I haven 't seen you around. Are you new to the neighborhood?" "We just moved in yesterday " "What do your parents do?" "My mom is an attorney and my dad is a preacher. " Jared and Philip went on walking on the dirty, trashed streets of Blue Rock, New York. As they were walking it started to rain so they went into a deli mart. They were hungry so Jared bought a foot-long sub. They shared half and half. When they got the receipt, instead of a receipt there was a code: ˚˚ƒßß´ †ß´≈∂≈© ç≈√≈´® å ´å∑£ß≈®∂≈çƒ˙ç ƒ∂ ß∑Ωå∑Ωߢ ≈≈´¢≈∞ç√ˆ˜˚
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