The Unmanageable Star Performer Analysis

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After reading The Unmanageable Star Performer, it is clear that there is unresolved conflict between the members of Leman Highlander & Company. Some of this stems from the organizational structure. While they have surveys that employees fill out to report and discontent or issues, there is no system of accountability to implement any changes to improve the lives of their staff. Anyone who disagrees with Vijay Kumar doesn’t voice their opinions or just leaves the company. By ignoring the issue of Vijay, they have created a dictatorship where one person controls all major decisions with little respect or tolerance of any outside opinions. Another component of the conflict arises from incompatible goals between Vijay and the rest of upper…show more content…
This being said, it is a contributing factor in why Vijay doesn’t see a problem with his behavior and treatment of staff. In his mind, if the firm is not the most constantly moving and acquiring more clients than the competitors, then they are unacceptably falling behind. The high power distance can explain why virtually all of the employees feel uncomfortable talking to anyone with their complaints about Vijay. In their minds, they are on a completely different level than their boss and cannot voice their opinions to him unless asked by Vijay himself to do so. The consequences of these unresolved issues include increased stress and lower productivity among workers. It also garners feelings of mistrust which inhibits teamwork and collaboration that would normally have the company on an upward trajectory. In this situation, the best conflict handling style would be the High Y and High X of collaboration. Using this method will pacify Vijay’s temper and stubbornness and actually allow Stefan to voice his concerns and not immediately get a letter of resignation from Vijay. He can relate both his and Vijay’s efforts to that of furthering the company as a whole and emphasize that he wants them to work together because, at the end of the day, Vijay is extremely valuable. The fact that attitudes are learned over time an ingrained in us by experience, it would be very hard confront Vijay head on and get any positive results. Like Olson states, Stefan shouldn’t ask

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