The Unnatural Act of Leadership, Book Review Essay

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Odilia Bergh, Peachtree City Police Department
Human Resource Management and Development
The Unnatural Act of Management
February 26, 2013

I began this book like most books, with great anticipation that it was going to be amazing, why else would a qualified instructor assign it. I assumed that it would be a shining example of the finest managerial principals in existence all compacted into a simple to read text with plenty of graphs and helpful handouts. I was certain that I would be a more effective leader for having read it. I spent time strategizing how I would write my paper with great enthusiasm. Then, I read the book.

In the first few pages I found myself so caught up with the character development that I quickly lost
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I value the decision making process more now that I align myself more clearly with upper management than the mind set of line officers.

As a first line supervisor I fill in the blanks when the plans and processes have been identified. I recognize the overall need to establish goals and objectives that are clear and measurable but as a first line supervisor I usually find myself making suggestions and providing raw data which is manipulated and interpreted above my position.

Chapter six, I read the title and got excited, What is Management and When Are You Managing? Yes, now we are getting somewhere! I found some truth early on, kind of… Stanley had the position that you learn to be a good manager by managing not by going to school. Before I was promoted years ago I had already obtained my four year degree in Business Management and Organizational Leadership so I felt somewhat prepared. Denial is a nice zip code. Within months of being promoted to Sergeant I was escorted to private meeting room by the two senior officers on my newly appointed team. Truly I don’t remember what they said, but the feeling resonates to this day. YOU KNOW NOTHING, BE QUIET, LISTEN, LEARN AND THEN MAYBE WE WILL LET YOU LEAD. I felt humbled, they had been respectful but firm and the message was clear…this was going to be much harder than I thought. I agree that it is very unnatural to decide to produce results

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