The Unnatural Insitution Essay

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The Unnatural Institution

Slavery has been a correlating characteristic among all major civilizations. The Sumerians made those they conquered their slaves, and used them for manual labor. The Egyptians made their slaves build large extravagant tombs for the pharos. Romans also forced those they capture into servitude, but the Romans also turned slavery into a commodity which allowed it to be capitalized. There where laws that allowed a father to sell his child in to slavery. The development of all of the great ancient cities has been on the foundation of slavery. Jurist Gaius wrote “Slavery is a human Invention and not found in nature. “ Institutiones (161AD).
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“And you who are so busy in making that division of the captives, look with pity upon so much misery” (Yazawa Pg. 19), this statement expresses how one Portuguese seaman felt when loading up the captured slaves. He lets the reader know that he is feeling compassion for these slaves. Empathizing and sympathizing is natural, extended exposure to these slave trades would leave the sailors stripped of these natural feelings. In My Bondage My Freedom, Douglass tells us that Mrs. Auld was teaching him how to read until her husband found out. Her husband had informed her that this boy was not a boy but property, and if educated could cause problems. After that discussion she ignored her nurturing, motherly instincts and would treat and look at Douglass in distain. The last group that is affected by slavery is those in which do not own slaves and are not a slave themselves. Initially one would assume that there would be no correlation to the cause and effect of slavery to this particular group of individuals, but in fact there is. Slavery being cheap labor is not free labor. In slavery there is a financial cost expended by the slave holder. This cost is induced through food, housing and more importantly training and tools to complete production. The slaves were trained in handling tools to complete tasks. Many of the non-slave owners did not have

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