The Unnecessary Death of Charlie Howard

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Living in

the eighties, homosexuality was not yet acceptable in society’s eyes. Howard was murdered by three

teenage boys for being openly gay only at age twenty three. Howard’s three murders shortly became

catalysts in the movement to include sexual orientation in hate crime legislation throughout the country.1

In 2004, the Charles O. Howard foundation was created to promote diversity, tolerance, and crime


By the time Charlie Howard reached high school in the late 1970's, he was severely bullied by his

fellow classmates, as well as the majority of the people he saw throughout the day. Charlie was a fair- haired and had a small, skinny figure. On top of being bullied, he also had a learning disability, which

obligated people to pick on him even more. His asthma made it difficult to participate in school activities,

such as sports.2

being shoved around, name calling such as “fag” and “loser,” and being excluded from all activities.

Charlie was more than ready to get out of high school, thinking the real world would be a better fit to

him. But on the day of his graduation ceremony, he felt that he would be a disappointment to his family,

seeing how the others treated him, so he decided to skip his own graduation.

Many new graduates see the future as a way to start a new life, at a new school, with new people,

in a new city. But because Charlie’s grades…
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