The Unpaid, Extra Shadow Work, By Craig Lambert

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In Our Unpaid, Extra Shadow Work, Craig Lambert shares about how technology has gotten so popular year by year. The author seems to be very straight forward with where he stands relating to “unpaid” extra shadow work people do everyday. Lambert makes some very interesting points that can make readers feel many different kinds of emotions. People need to understand the ways economic pressures on the service economy are now changing how Americans fathom the notion of work. During the readings, Lambert tends to persuade readers using ethos and logos by explaining many forms of shadow work that most of us do every single day. Do you know the many forms of extra shadow work you do? In the article Lambert gives readers examples of things that…show more content…
People don’t think anything of it until coming across something like Lamberts passage. Lambert gives the readers a bit of an eye opener on how bad we are relying on technology wanting the latest updates. When people go into the grocery store and are ready to check out, people think about how convenient it is to have a self check out…but forget about the people that don’t have jobs because they have self checkouts to do it for them. Although, people seem to like it because of how fast it is and getting in and out without waiting for someone else to do it for you, people don’t seem to realize the big picture. In reality, going to a cashier is almost faster for most people, because self checks out can have troubles, which leads you to press the help button and having a cashier help you. So really waiting in line and having a cashier can be somewhat the same amount of effort and time as to going to a self checkout. The thing that lambert tries to put out there is, you now have self checkouts at grocery stores, what happens to the people that want to find a job to be a cashier or a bagger? Technology is constantly changing and updating that soon enough the machines will be taking over the people! Thinking about a dishwasher, it is very nice not having to wash every dish and silverware by hand, but in the end you 're still loading and unloading it. Another example, could be only shopping, Grocery store

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