The Unprepared Youth : High School Students

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The Unprepared Youth High school students across America are being sent out into the world without the skills they need to succeed. Admittedly, students learn the basic academics to move onto the next level, but the basic skills they need in life are being put aside and forgotten. Today, high achieving seniors go off into the world knowing how to find the definite integral of a function and preform electrophoresis, but they don’t know everyday skills like how to file their taxes. In order to succeed in the real world, high schools need to equip students with the tools for everyday life. One of the tools they need is knowing how to become financially stable. “In 2013, approximately 10.9 million school-age children 5 to 17 years old were in families living in poverty” (“Children Living in Poverty”). Children are more likely to stay in poverty when brought up in an environment surrounded by it. Schools need to teach these children how to overcome financial adversities and manage their money. If their parents can’t figure out how to financially make it, who is responsible for teaching them? They must look to their teachers because they are their only hope in helping them advance in the world. It’s up to the schools to teach these underprivileged kids the financial basics. With the gap between the rich and the poor increasing with no sign of stopping, America has to do something to narrow it. Hampton-Dumont High School, offers and requires only one semester long economics
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