The Unrest Of The Period

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The Unrest of the Period World War I: The Poem The Waste Land (1922) has sprouted on the effects of the grim realities of World war I and the carnage caused by the brutality and the massive scale of death in Europe .It is even said that the poem The Waste Land mourns the spiritual death of Europe. Beasely wrote:’ “The waste Land ‘s first section, “The Burial of the Dead”, contains a Bavarian countless childhood memories of the pre-war Austrian empire and references to sprouting corpses. “A game of Chess” describes Lil’s preparations for welcoming her husband Albert home from the war, and “What the Thunder Said” includes a description of the post-war collapse of Europe and the middle east.(Beasely,2007:80) The era of the First World…show more content…
In the first month of the fight of war more than 500,000 volunteered, and one million by the end of 1914 in rallies for recruitment to support fronts .The British considered it as a chance to prove themselves.“In the event the war went for more than four years claiming our million lives with around 2.5 million British casualties” (Poplawski.2008:537) The techniques of war were high and sophisticated as a result of the concurrence of the technological development of the industrialization .The top industrial nations like Germany France , Britain , Japan , Russia and the United States have displayed all what they have , tanks , rockets machine-guns , submarine , aircrafts and the poising gases that exterminated many troops before they even engage in fight .The tragedy of the war in all of its phases ,the mass killing , causalities , traumatic impacts on the young soldiers who signed up for duty to glorify themselves . However , it’s questionable whether it was worth all sacrifices by them .The lines below describe lyrically and dramatically the most
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