The Unseen Death

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In the past few decades it has been making its transition from agricultural based to an industrialized economy has raised concerns to an environmental degradation. The increasing level of pollution, particularly in the city area causing numerous problems along the way in the past recent years. With level of life expectancy dropped, health defects and an increasing number of mortality rates. The pollution includes air, water, and noise pollution. With vehicle emissions and forest fire being among one of the most to cause air pollution. In 2012, a legislation called First Time Car Buyer Tax Rebate Program has been launched. It has been critiqued for being a huge part of an increasing traffic jams, stretched finances and most importantly the side effect on publics health. The program was originally aimed for people who are using motorcycles to switch to cars. Also to boost the automobile industries that has dropped since 2011 after the flood in Thailand. With the boost of the industry, many automotive companies which already have their facilities manufacture and assemble their cars in Thailand. This causes the level of emission and industrial wastewater to rise. The increase number of cars and factories also mean the higher level of noise pollution. Which in human not only causes annoyance, if being exposed for a long period of time can cause…
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