The Unstable Mayor Of Halloween Town

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The Unstable Mayor of Halloween Town
Stephanie S. Salas
New Mexico Highlands University

The Mayor of Halloween town from the Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) has a very mysterious past. It is thought that he died from a major neck injury that twisted his head a perfect 180 degrees. He has two faces (like most politicians) that he alternates with little or no provocation (one side of his face is flesh colored and happy with regular teeth, the other side is ghost white and wrought with despair and has sharp teeth). Little is known about the Mayor before his death and his time in the town of Halloween. It may be gathered that he has a history of neglect due to his fear of abandonment and bouts of depression from his low self-image and frequent feelings of hopelessness.
Throughout the film, the Mayor was intentionally portrayed as mentally unstable and often seen as bipolar by many viewers. Though the mayor does have episodes of pseudo-hypomania and depression, it is not consistent with the actual manifestation of bipolar I or II. In bipolar II disorder, sufferers cycle between hypomania and depression over several months (regular cycling), several weeks (rapid cycling), or one week to the next (ultra-rapid cycling). There is some debate on ultradian cycling (ultra-ultra-rapid cycling) which could mean that symptoms of depression and hypomania are felt within the same day; however, this is not widely accepted and most psychologists argue that this is not…

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