The Untouchables in Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe

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Many people see other people as equal or lower than or higher than them. This includes by wealth, knowledge or rights. Few people know about the caste system in India, but many people are able to point out the untouchables. Why? Is it because everyone knows that they are better than the untouchables? Some people feel that the untouchables are strictly only in India, but they don’t realize that even bigger countries have untouchables; they are just called something else. Many tribes in Africa also have untouchables, including the Igbo tribe. Untouchables are usually never accepted in any society, but they have their own place in which they live. According to, and untouchable is “a person disregarded or shunned by society or…show more content…
The untouchables are in existence today mainly because of tradition or religion. No one should be kept in that environment, mentally or physically. I believe that everyone has the right to progress and have their own way to succeed; that is if they are given a chance to succeed. I think that children that are born to untouchables should be given a chance to leave their class and progress in their life socially. I also think that they can make their own choices on how things are concerned for them. In a CNN article it was mentioned that untouchables will have their own religion, their own flag, and their own holy book. Along with a new way of greeting people (CNN). I think that this was a good choice to do, mainly because they are now taking charge of themselves and showing that they have some authority over themselves. I am also forced to think that maybe this could be a bad thing for them. Would have their own religion hurt them? Will more people be placed under their class, now that it has kind of become its own society in someway? In the Igbo culture there are two different kinds of people, there are the Nwadialas and the Osu. The Nwadialas are the masters and they are basically free and have all the rights a person can have. The Osu is the people that are very low and this is obviously where the untouchables fight in. Having two different kinds of people can create very big problems. One of the main problems is communication. According to a
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