The Unwarranted Arrests Of The Gypsies

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The unwarranted arrests of the gypsies are frequent in many types of vicinity of Wales and England. The police officers raid and torture them without any reason and they are compelled to stay silent in response to that attitude. In addition to that, they are not allowed to have an access to the courts for the justice. The record of the sentencing given for the indictable offences also shows that the discrimination is done against the susceptible groups of the population. According to that figures of the year 2010, highest average custodial sentencing was decided for the ethnic groups (Skolnick 2011). On the other hand, the white criminals are not given the harsh sentencing and are treated leniently. These statistics show that the criminal justice procedure in England and Wales needs an overhauling as far as the prejudice and racial discrimination is concerned. The prevalence of current trend of inequality would erode the trust of the citizens on the criminal justice in the country. Witnesses also bear significant distaste for the criminal justice system due to multiple factors. Most of the times, the witnesses deliberately do not come forwards to take part in the criminal procedure due to the repulsion resent in it. As a result of this lack of participation, the decision making and final verdict suffer from deficiencies and discrepancies. The witnesses are not provided the opportunity to evaluate and give the feedback about the participation in the hearings. The witnesses

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