The Upper Class

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Imagine wearing a shirt everyday that said “poor” in bold black font. The number of stares you would get would be greater than if you wore a shirt that had money all over it. Upper and lower classes have significantly influenced the attitudes of Americans with their differences. Both classes have values that contrast in language and thought. Society has developed a prejudice towards those of the lower class placing the blame on the individuals who are less fortunate. Theoretically, breaking the barrier between two mutually exclusive binaries, high class and lower-class, is the challenge we face politically, economically, and socially. Those who belong to the upper class play a major role in influencing leaders of the local, state, and national government. Opportunity is a key factor in both the upper and lower class. Coming from a single mother, who was classified with the lower class, opportunity is a vital factor in the household. My mother faithfully votes in the presidential elections to ensure her voice will be heard indirectly. Generally, those of the upper class are dedicated to vote. Failure to vote does not guarantee equal opportunity for the less fortunate. This goes not to say that the lower class does not also value their own opinions however, voter efficacy influences their negative thinking of influencing the government and politics. Working together to open all of society to endless possibilities shall be a common value us Americans share. In
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