The Upper Management Of Abc Corp

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Upper management is under pressure from shareholders and stakeholders alike to use more data analysis in order to drive all parts of the business. “As data use grows in sophistication and reliability, it is shaping a brave new world of data analytics that is starting to redefine how companies make decisions and drive improvements to their essential operations (Richardson, 2016).” Recent competition has caused sales to stagnate and the first quarterly miss on revenue vs. expectations in the company’s history. Management believes the newly created analysis team can create efficiencies that employees may not see in the course of their day to day operations. Specifically, for the sales team, the analytics team believes they can give sales associates a better idea whether a lead is worth following up on based on past history, in order to focus our available resources on leads that will end up in success.
Project Description
The upper management of ABC Corp. is making a push towards the use of analytics and big data. Just recently, a new analytics team was created in order to review all available data from ABC Corp. to determine where trends and patterns could be spotted in an effort to achieve efficiencies that would reduce costs, or increase revenue in the most efficient manner possible. As part of this movement, management has asked the sales department to keep track of additional information regarding their sales and even the attempted sales for review. A cursory review by…
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