The Upper Management Of Abc Corp

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Upper management is under pressure from shareholders and stakeholders alike to use more data analysis in order to drive all parts of the business. “As data use grows in sophistication and reliability, it is shaping a brave new world of data analytics that is starting to redefine how companies make decisions and drive improvements to their essential operations (Richardson, 2016).” Recent competition has caused sales to stagnate and the first quarterly miss on revenue vs. expectations in the company’s history. Management believes the newly created analysis team can create efficiencies that employees may not see in the course of their day to day operations. Specifically, for the sales team, the analytics team believes they can give sales…show more content…
The analytics team needs data on both the successes and failures in order to ascertain any discernable difference in a success and failure. Project Objectives This project is specifically designed to increase efficiencies within the sales department in order to realize the goal of increasing sales by 20% with no increase to expenditures. It is the hope of management that the efficiencies achieved will allow ABC Corp. to generate enough additional revenue to increase to several additional locations in order to cover the entire country. However, in order to meet these objectives, the sales associates will be asked to take on additional responsibilities. These additional responsibilities will result in the associates spending more time keeping track of all of their sales leads. This will be seen as a challenge because the sales associates will see the extra work as an additional difficulty in finding sales during this time period. While the actual amount will be negligible, associates will balk at the idea due to their view that this additional work will result in reduced commissions. Therefore, it is also imperative to get the buy-in of the associates in order to ensure the data received from them is as accurate as
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