The Uprising Of A Terrorist Group

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Caucasus Emirate Militant Group
Cristina Torres Fuentes
Northern Virginia Community College
This is a research paper on the uprising of a terrorist group in the Caucasus Mountain ranges. To begin to understand what has made this group escalate their acts of terrorism we must identify the past historical events leading up to their creation. All the efforts put in by the CRI (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) were to create a land that was for the Muslim people. Then without any success it was later transformed in a small terrorist cells known as the group Caucasus Emirate.
They gained strength and peaked in 2010-2013 and after the death of the first leader they slowly began to decline. As the time has progressed and things have
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While the Chechen’s were exiled Russian colonists had inhabited their lands making the region unstable. Then after the collapse of the Soviet Union the region stayed under the control of Russia. During the Chechen wars that followed in 1996 and 1999 Russia tried regain full control the region but inevitably failed. Having the knowledge of the highlands gave them an edge over the Russians. They were also trained in guerilla style fighting the Chechen’s benefitted making them successful in these wars. The Russian eventually backed off and allow them to have some an autonomous government.
The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) wanted independence from Russia. They had been given some powers but that wasn’t enough for the Chechen’s. From 1999-2007 there were insurgencies carried out through the Caucasus regions. With all the constant battling in this region the media had been covering the events as they happened. This attention of jihadist organizations from Afghanistan and they began to look east to spread their ideologies. As support came pouring in it began spreading the idea of Global Jihad and Martyrdom as a way of gaining control of their region.
In 2007, the president of the CRI declared that there will be a new group of separatists in the region and he names them the Caucasus Emirate (CE). Other providences in the region saw all the efforts the Chechen’s were putting forth and decided to join the
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