The Uprising Question Here Is Why Are Individuals ( Mostly Men ) Sexually Attracted?

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The uprising question here is “Why are individuals (mostly men) sexually attracted to children?” My answer to this question would be the term “pedophilia.” Pedophilia is defined as sustaining a sexual attraction for younger children, or a simpler way to put it, “the love for children.” (“Using APA,” 2015.) After looking into a few different theories of this term, the one I agree with most would be assuming that the individual had failed to advance from being a child that was interested in other children to a more mature sexuality as an adult being interested in other adults. This temptation definitely strikes more fear and shame to the individual partaking in this act. Many people who have this urge are more than often afraid to admit to…show more content…
Although I said these urges are recurrent, this does not mean that the individual will act upon them. Ephebophilia is described as a sexual attraction to minors who have hit puberty but have not developed to the point of adulthood. (“Using APA,” 2015.) This definition is very similar to pedophilia. Pedophilia is more or less a paraphilia, which can be described as a disorder involving the recurrent sexual tendencies involving a number of things, the most relevant to this paper being children. Many may interpret “children” as those under the age of 18, but others interpret it as those under the age 0f 13. Interpret how you please, but this paper is based off of children under the age of 13 who are in their early stages of puberty. Attraction is something that has been in our brains since we were all born. Being a pedophile is close to a fetish, in a way that this love for children is a natural impulse. In my opinion, most people can control their thoughts allowing them to block these impulses out of their minds. But this is not always the case. When we see people partaking in these terrible acts, we see may different forms of behaviors. We may see exposing themselves to these children, masturbating in front of these children, touching the child inappropriately, etc. But even worse, forcing the child to participate in sexual acts. I believe that many people who are experiencing this tendency,
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