The Upside Down Kingdom Essay

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The Upside Down Kingdom The main point of Kraybill’s, The Upside Down Kingdom is to make the readers understand that in God’s kingdom, the world is turned upside down. Kraybill is saying that the people who live at the top of the pyramid such as wealthy, and powerful people who are not humble, will live at the bottom of the pyramid in God’s kingdom. We need to help the poor, and the hungry. A few chapters that support Kraybill’s thesis are chapters one, six, and eleven. Chapter one, Down is Up, Kraybill emphasizes that the Kingdom of God, down is up. The people that think they are top of the food chain in the world like the wealthy and other powerful people are going to be in the completely opposite part of the world in God’s…show more content…
Upside-down prestige isn’t calculated by the height of our rung on the social ladder. In God’s inverted kingdom, greatness is signified by our willingness to serve. Service to others becomes the yardstick of stature in the new kingdom” (pg 229). One question the book raised for me is how do we know when we helped enough to be saved and live in God’s kingdom? Kraybill emphasizes the importance of being humble and help the needy. In my life, I have helped others in need and fed the hungry, but I don’t do this every chance I get. We are never going to know how much we should help others, but it would be nice if we did. Another question this book raised is if we are truly helping those in need by giving them the things they need or are we just giving them more of a reason to ask for stuff? The reason why I ask this question is because some people choose to live like they don’t have any money or food, but in reality, they do have food and money. They chose to live that lifestyle. Some people who are poor and hungry have won the lottery and in a couple of years they spent all the money and put themselves in that situation. Are we going to get the same amount of credit for helping them when they are in need, even though they put themselves in that situation? This when we just let God be the judge of that. He knows out intentions and He will deal with them when the time
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