The Upstart's Assault Case Study

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Company Overview
Meridicom is a price leader in communications industry with its top of the line broadband, mobile and landline services. It has largest market share in landline and broadband but very small presence in mobile services. Its major competitors which include big mobile companies, cable TV operators and internet providers follow lead as per the prices set by Meridicom.

Case Assessment
Telzip, small company having 5% market share in landline, has challenged Meridicom by offering life time free broadband to business users who are willing to accept a long term contract. The customers largely being affected in this case are the business users which are currently paying around 450 Euros per year to Meridicom. Though the
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Customer Care and Feedback
Meridicom should have customer care representatives that are more knowledgeable and responsive to the needs. Providers should support several contact methods including by telephone and email and facilities like “Call me” and “Schedule a call” on their webpages along with providing helpful information online like FAQs, tutorials, device manuals and other supportive documentation. Customer complaints should be dealt as soon as possible and feedback gathering mechanism should also be put in place.

Data Security
Given the competitive environment and the sensitivity of the data that the companies might be dealing with, data security and privacy is a major concern for the business users. As aspects of the business become more “digitized” and accessible through or gleaned from broadband use, the disclosure of previously private, personal information has made many businesses wary of the medium. Having used Meridicom services for a longer time, business users trust them more. Meridicom can question the data security being offered by the cheaper broadband alternatives and at the same time ensure that they promote the reliability and security of their network in handling the sensitive information pertaining to the business users.

Business strategy should be different for individual and business customers. Business customers value safer

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