The Urban City Of Harvey And The Residential Area Of Englewood

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How has the suburb Harvey and the residential area of Englewood changed over the course of years? Both neighborhoods and residents have faced much adversity and are struggling in many fields such as unemployment, police brutality, gun violence, schools closing, drugs, and high crime rate. Amidst one of the worst economic times in history, residents are being laid off, which interns lead to a domino effect for many. The differences (similarities) between Harvey and the residential area of Englewood are pronounced, and they deserve rigorous scrutiny. First and Foremost, In 1890, the city of Harvey was built with sweat and determination by the founder Turlington Harvey. Turlington dreamed of an economically thriving, safe community.…show more content…
The estimated median household income in 2013 was $24,294 and $31,956 in the year 2000 which shows a substantial drop. (Quick facts) Harvey, Illinois unemployment rate is 10.5%, which is considered to be high compared to Illinois 6.9% and Nationally 5.7%. The Harvey, Illinois poverty rate is 39.8%. (Home facts) Factors that lead to the small town of Harvey unemployment are a loss of commercial enterprises due to companies making a motion to another city, businesses closing, and recession. The majority of the jobs held by Harvey residents consists of transportation, office administrator, food preparation, and building maintenance. (City-data) Also, to the above, Harvey crime statistics reports a slight dip in crime based on the last three years. There has also been a decrease in property and violent crimes. Per Harvey Crime Rate Report, there have been fourteen arsons, two hundred and twenty motor vehicle theft, five hundred and ninety-seven burglaries, and six hundred and sixty cases of larceny.y. As far as violent criminal offenses, one hundred and twenty-five murders, nine forcible rapes, two hundred and five robberies, and one hundred and twenty-five aggravate assaults. (City rating) In addition, to the crime by citizens, mayor Kellog, park district official, and the police department has been under fire for mismanagements of
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