The Urban Health Problem Of Diabetes Among African Americans

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This paper tackled about the urban health problem of diabetes among African Americans. It was discovered that diabetes is one of the most common health problems being experienced by African Americans, and the impact of diabetes on African Americans is disproportionate. The absence of health care was revealed to be a huge factor in the emergence of diabetes and other urban health problems among African Americans.
Diabetes pertains to a group of illnesses that is characterized by an unusually increased amount of glucose in the blood of the person. Because of this, the person experiences problems in the shortage of insulin. This disease can result to significant complications that can even kill the person who has this condition. However, the good news is that diabetic people can be able to do certain measures to make sure that they are able to manage this disease and reduce the possibility that more complications would emerge. Diabetes is actually one of the primary causes of mortality and incapacity in America, and the overall expenses connected to the treatment of this disease is estimated to around the $200 billion every year. This paper will discuss the urban health problem of diabetes among African Americans.
There are three different types of diabetes that affects African Americans. The first is Type 1 diabetes, which runs in the history of the family (Baptiste-Roberts, 2007). This is caused by a malfunctioning immune system, which annihilates the beta cells that are…
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