The Us And Egypt : Strained Relationship

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The US and Egypt: A Strained Relationship With a rich history and culture dating back into the biblical ages, Egypt is a country that has witnessed the world grow into what it is today. With ancient age comes ancient problems and fierce feuds between neighboring countries that result in high tensions and often times violence. As an ally, the United States has observed Egypt 's plight and struggles in the Arab World and has attempted to, on numerous occasions, to quell the violence that stems from the region. Though America 's intentions are good, Egypt usually finds itself in deeper trouble due to intervention from the west. Subject to much change in both political and social policies, Egypt finds itself in the uncomfortable position of…show more content…
With the start of The Cold War, Soviet and US relations were becoming increasingly tense, with the most important objective of the US being to stop the spread of Communism, particularly in the Arabian Peninsula, which was deemed a strategic location due to the resources coming out of the region (oil) as well as the previously established alliances with the countries there. Egypt, now a Republic as of 1953, elected a new president to head its leadership. Initially, coup leader Muhammad Najib became president, but stepped down for president Gamal Abdel Nasser. Nasser chose to align Egypt with the Soviets, as they were actively sending weapons into the country and providing support, giving incentive to the Egypt to opt out of the protection from Communism that the US was previously providing.
With Egyptian-Soviet ties becoming increasingly tight, the US was beginning to pay closer attention to their relationship. As a result, the OMEGA Memorandum was created to reduce the grasp President Nasser had on the region. The U.S. also cut funding to the Aswan Dam; a project Egypt had been pursuing for quite a while.4 Any chances that there might have been for reviving U.S. interest in the dam was crushed when on May 16, 1956, Egypt became the first nation to recognize the People’s Republic of China as a legitimate country. Nasser’s move
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