The Us Army Special Forces Team Had Been On Fort Gordon

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The US Army Special Forces team had been on Fort Gordon for six hours, they had dropped right onto main post early that morning, the C-130 flying over for everyone to see. It had its desired effect, not only did the Soldiers on post see the aircraft and those civilians off post that were aligned with the Southern States of America saw it too, it concerned them. As the Special Forces Soldiers gathered up their chutes and gear they were immediately surrounded by Soldiers of the 101st Airborne, there were two Battalions on Fort Gordon training when the event happened, standing them on the post, the and the two Battalions from the 82nd Airborne Division that were acting as the OPFOR against the Screaming Eagles. The Special Forces Soldiers…show more content…
The Sergeant Major wasn’t quite convinced they were who they say they were, his only problem was that he couldn’t explain the C-130. The M113’s made it over to the post headquarters in fifteen minutes, they weren’t fast movers, but they got there. There was a crowd waiting for them it was like everyone knew they were coming here. Major General Tuttle made his way through the crowd and welcomed the A-Team to Fort Gordon. Captain Ellerson reached into his pocket, pulled out a letter to the post commander and handed it to him. “What’s this?” MG Tuttle asked. “Sir, it’s a letter from the President of the United States.” Captain Ellerson stated. “It is now?” General Tuttle wasn’t so sure. He opened the letter and read through it. There was some personal information that only certain people at the pentagon could possible know. “Captain the letter mentions something about a shortwave radio that you have for us?” “Yes sir, we have it and can get it set up any place you like.” Captain Ellerson replied. “Let’s be clear Captain, you have a working shortwave radio?” “Yes sir, it has vacuum tubes with no solid state circuitry. It works fine and if you have no electricity we have a hand generator. POTUS is waiting to speak with you.” “Vacuum tubes? No kidding…” General Tuttle wondered why the premiere and home to the Signal Corp hadn’t figured it out. “No kidding sir, we just need to get it set up and run the
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