The Us Colony: Guam

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In a country with more than three hundred million people, allowing each person to have a voice would be impossible without the employment of the voting system. The human individual yearns for love, security, peace, and accomplishment, and none of those things would be possible without freedom, and our founding fathers have granted us the key to unlocking our freedom with the power to vote. With enough determination and cooperation, the ballot has the power to change politicians’ views, laws, and the course of history. With the right to vote, each man and woman is entitled to his or her own opinion. While there are two political parties that encompass the majority of Americans, we are not subject to having only two choices. There are the…show more content…
Citizens of Guam only have a voice in the local government. As an unincorporated territory, Guam has no power in choosing the next president or creating laws in the legislature. Our congresswoman, Madeline Bordallo, who represents Guam in congress, is at the mercy of congressmen who can vote to get Guam’s issues under consideration. While Guam is not forced to pay extra taxes, Guam does have to pay for the thousands of residents from freely associated states that have access to government utilities and programs. In 2013, the Government of Guam spent a reported one hundred and twenty eight million on these residents, but will only be receiving seventeen million for reimbursements. The burden to pay for these residents was put upon Guam by the federal government, but is a burden that our government cannot afford to pay. Local authorities are required by law, set by the federal government, to give these compact-impact residents all the privileges of American citizens and pay for all the expenses without compensation. The entire island continues to suffer from debt caused by the strain from compact-impact residents. The injustice lies with the fact that our local government cannot help our island because our votes and voices don’t count. The solution to the injustice Guam currently faces rests with the power to vote. However, I am afraid that Guam’s one hundred and sixty two thousand votes will

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