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Provide the class with the details of the project (location, acres restored, methods used, species benefited if available, etc.). Be sure to integrate what you find with what you are learning in your text and other readings and supplement it with additional research.
ALSO, as September 17th is Constitution Day, I want you to reflect on this and comment on it in your forums for this week. The preamble of the US Constitution directs the Federal Government to "promote the general welfare"...."secure the blessings of liberty". ..and protect "ourselves and our posterity". When thinking about our obligation to protect the environment (e.g., plants, animals, habitat, ecosystem services), can a case be made that we are constitutionally bound to do so based on the quotes I gave you? What do you think? If so, how does that play into our responsibility to conserve and restore the environment? If not, why not?"

For this week’s forum, after searching for “wetlands restoration,” I found a local wetlands restoration project that was completed in November 2011 and encompassed an area of 150 acres. The San Dieguito Wetland Restoration Project included the coastal area of San Dieguito Lagoon and the San Dieguito River Park – estuarine and riverine wetland systems, respectively - which serve an important role in the local ecology. They provide a stop for birds along the Pacific Flyway, nesting and foraging areas for endangered species and serve as a fish hatchery.
The basis for this
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