The Us Healthcare System : A Comprehensive Health Care Reform Law Essay

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One of the top major issues in this 2016 presidential election between the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton against, the Republican nominee Donald Trump is, how make The USA Healthcare system more effective and efficient while reducing cost. Both Presidential candidates have suggested distinctly different proposals to reform current US healthcare system known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is, a comprehensive health care reform law enacted in March 2010 by President Obama. Mrs. Clinton agenda is to work within the existing ACA framework, furthermore she proposed additional policies intended to expand coverage, and reduce consumer out-of-pocket costs for individuals. Contrary to Hillary’s proposal, Mr. Trump’s agenda is to completely repeal Obamacare Act, and replace it with Market-Driven Health Care System also known free Market approach, as well as inclusion of patient-centered health care system principles. Numerous economist that analyzed Trump’s proposals come to conclusion, that healthcare market is fundamentally different from other industries, and cannot function efficiently and effetely in a traditional marketplace, because the differences factors which effects the demand and the supply side in economics of healthcare industry. This market have Unique Feature, such as, uncertainty and information asymmetries, furthermore adverse selection and moral hazard issue will get worse, also the spending for individuals as well as government in
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