The Us Strategy For Winning The Global War On Terrorism

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In light of this, it should be mentioned that “the US strategy for winning the Global War on Terrorism is predicated on creating an international environment inhospitable to terrorists and all those who support them” (Fogarty 2001). Meaning, that the fight against terrorism heavily relies on international cooperation. In order to achieve such a feat, nevertheless, America must be amiable by fellow governments and their citizens. Unfortunately, the reports and findings on GTMO makes it increasingly difficult for the American administration to do so, for the inhumane treatment makes citizens of other countries upset. Quoting General Colin Powell, people from other nation states are "beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism" (Duberstein as cited in Washington Monthly 2008). This proves to be an immense hindrance to the war, as America cannot hope to face all of the world’s terrorists alone. To put this in perspective, one can take a look at the situation with Turkey and Russia. Earlier this year, a Russian jet was shot down by Turkey, having flown into the latter 's airspace without permission (BBC 2015). Granted, there lies in factors such as the decades long animosity between the two countries. Albeit, who’s to say that America’s relations with countries will never reach such lows? Rather, previous Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel says that “one of the greatest long-term dangers America faces is that we are now mistrusted by many nations, even our

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