The Us / Uk Special Relationship

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The US/ UK Special Relationship Chapter As I come to the concluding chapter in my dissertation, I will examine the relationship between these two great superpowers and how this relationship forced the hands of the key players in Whitehall to join their great friends from across the Atlantic in the invasion of Afghanistan. The history of this so called “special relationship” has enjoyed what it can be described as a somewhat turbulent history, with at various points throughout the century there being a lull in the relationship and other times such as during the Blair premiership, there being a real spike in communications between the two nations. As {Scheffler 2009} acknowledges the birth of the special relationship occurred when Winston…show more content…
Sandford also notes the close relationship between the two first ladies, and although this is not a key political component it does show that the relationship had gone deeper than the two leaders. The key point in the history of the special relationship, and one which has great reference to Afghanistan and my study of why Britain got involved was the relationship between Lyndon B Johnson and Harold Wilson. At the time the Vietnam War was raging, and Johnson approached his UK counterpart for military support in the country, Wilson outright refused. According to {Ellis 2004} a direct comparison came be made between this scenario and the one that Blair found himself in post 9/11 when faced with the decision to get involved with Afghanistan. Wilson found himself under a great deal more pressure than Blair found himself under, Bush only gave Blair discrete nudges, Johnson was much more proactive in trying to secure support. {Smith 2016} believes that this gives us a key insight into the special relationship at this time, Wilson and the Labour government of the day, did not value the special relationship as much as previous governments. A key reason according to many academics and scholars as to why Britain invaded Afghanistan was in order to rebuild the special relationship had been damaged by consecutive Conservative governments. In hindsight the issue not to go into Vietnam may have led to a temporary cooling of relations between the two, but in the long term
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