The Usa Patriot Act

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In the mist of America ending its wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan here in the homeland we are still be proactive in trying to alleviate terrorist threats and opportunities for terroristic activity in our backyards. When looking at the USA PATRIOT ACT that was enacted to help battle this ongoing pandemic it has come into question whether the laws of the USA PATRIOT ACT extremely broad, narrow, and overarching that they leave too much room for interpretation which in the end has led to violations of a person’s rights that they are guaranteed by the US Constitution.
Since the passage of the USA PATRIOT ACT in 2001 by then President George W. Bush and the renewal of it in 2011 by President Barrack Obama, there has been much debate over whether the laws brought forth and protected under this act are truly constitutional. The following articles serve has a starting point to understand viewpoints that either support or disprove the USA PATRIOT ACT and what it is supposed to stand for on a constitutional level. These articles look at various laws that effect mostly the 1st and 4th Amendments and show that the argument could really go either way.
CNN in 2007 published an article and is a good starting point to show that certain provisions of the US Patriot Act does violate precedent and the U.S. Constitution. This article mainly talks about 2 provisions that were found to be in direct conflict with Federal laws that were already established and followed as precedent in the…

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