The Usage And Attitude Study Revealed Key Findings

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The usage and attitude study revealed key findings. As mentioned before, scratch baking was the main form of baking in Canada. With this finding, it is important for Guillen and his team to show the consumer how their refrigerated products and more specifically how their refrigerated cookie dough is similar to scratch baking in that it is quick, easy, convenient but also requires some preparation time, especially the chub cookie dough. There needs to be a connection to the consumer to make them feel that it isn’t “cheating” their family or friends when they don’t bake from scratch. Along with the United States, Canada agrees that RBG cookies are easy, convenient and tasty, however quality seemed to be an issue in Canada, as well as its rating among kids, who are a big driver for purchases in Canada. The study further revealed that the cookies are perceived as convenient and are top among impulse buys. The team wished to gain a better understanding of their customers and potential customers. Through the attitude and usage study, the team was beginning to understand the key differences between the United States and Canada Consumer, however further studying needed to be done to really understand the Canada consumer. “The brand’s target consumer was a mother in their mid-30s to 40s, who along with her family, led an active and busy lifestyle. She would be time-starved and looking for easy and convenient product solutions that her family could enjoy together” (Johnson and Maura,
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