The Usage Of Drug Use

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The usage of drug is unbiased when it comes to race and class. Anyone has an equal chance to get addicted to a drug of their choice. In the today’s society, the drug is viewed as horrible and those who are ‘dependent’ on it are either criminals and/or addicts. There are many researches that were done in the past that criminalized those who use, which bring the term to criminology. Today there are so many drugs that are being used by different people in varies age group and to each drug there is a technique on, how is it use and when is it comes to the usage of drug, it does not discriminate by race nor class. This is what many people tend to forget and with so many pieces published it is very accessible to anyone who is very interested in…show more content…
To those who does legal drugs aren’t considered drug users, but those who uses illegal drug are drug users. There is a problem with perception because opiates are legal, but could have the same effect as illegal drugs; the only difference between the illegal and legal drugs is that one would need to get the drug from a doctor. “Someone who smokes tobacco is a smoker, but someone who smokes marijuana is a drug user. Though both substances are recognized as drugs, one smoke cigarettes, whereas someone else uses marijuana” (Whitearce, 9). The typical stereotype of those who uses drugs are that they are violent, criminals, thieves and/or rapist. In “‘Dope Fiend’ Mythology” by A. R Lindesmith, he speaks on the many myths about drug and addictions that been floating around for years. He mentions that a drug addict is usually seen as “the most dangerous and heinous criminals and are linked up with killing and rapes” (Lindesmith, 199). Many publications were able to prove that the statement is false and crime report also proves this very stereotype to be false. Yes, some addicts would commit petty crimes like robbery and mugging to get some money from their next high, but to kill and rape is not a crime that is very common with drug users. Other stereotypes are that there is certain race that use certain type of drugs. Like cocaine is linked to Blacks, marijuana is linked to Mexicans immigrants and opium is linked to Chinese.

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