The Usage Of Proper English

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1.) I think it is important to strive for both the usage of proper English and to present good ideas as a criteria for academic papers or in an academic setting. The reason I am convinced that usage of proper English creates clearer communication is because of my experience in the business world. Through schooling I have learned how to speak and write better and use words that pertain to the business I practiced. I have worked in the teaching profession and have experienced what happens when a parent does not have a clear idea of the educational goals the teach and school has for their child, or the overall goals that the particular school holds as valuable. I taught in a Montessori School and Montessori has a particular educational model that each school follows to a certain degree. It is the owner 's prerogative to determine how closely they follow the Montessori Method. Therefore, as a parent there are several things to be concerned with. 1.) What model did Maria Montessori use? 2.) To what degree does the school follow the Montessori Method. 3.) Do I understand and agree with the educational process 4.) What are the goals the Montessori teacher is setting for my child? Therefore, clear communication is essential in business. .As stated in the article by Exforsys. Why Speaking Proper English is Important for Your Career. June.6,2007 “A number of studies have consistently demonstrated that those who have an advanced knowledge of the English language are much more
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