The Usage Of Tzu's Leadership Strategy Of Preparation And Pathos

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After a devastating lost, barely scrubbing off stains of red paint, I decided to make a change in our actions during the call of duty that will give the battalion a win on future combats. According to the some polls that used the spectator popular vote our pinball team had the biggest chance of taking home the five thousand dollar prize from the tournament. Even though our team had the more skilled player than all of the other competitors combined. We still managed to lose. After that, I decide to do some research, and now I am convinced that the usage of Tzu’s leadership strategy of preparation and pathos will cause the team to win the most tournaments. As a leader, one needs to understand that the best way to persuade people into anything is by appealing to their emotions. After countless losses my compatriots are losing hope and by losing hope they also lose faith in my leadership. For this reason, for them to believe in my leadership, I would use pathos by making a speech with vivid stories with very descriptive wording and emotional emphasis, it creates the emotion of belonging. At some point during the story, I would reveal to the team how preparation is going to help us win more. I could go into further detail of how the speech would be structured, or what kinds of stories tell them but it would be too long and irrelevant. Just imagine a speech influenced by the infamous Ronald Regan’s speech on fighting the evil, and also influenced by the advertisement one sees on

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