The Use Of Anesthetic And The Method

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1.1 Anesthetics are used in surgeries to give a patient the ease of undergoing procedures without the feeling of any pain. The patient themselves undergoes a loss of consciousness when administered with anesthetic, and the extent of which, whether the patient is conscious or not, is dependent on the type of anesthetic and the method. There is a local anesthetic, which is used to numb a specific part of the body, by inserting the anesthetic drug into the surrounding area of where a medical procedure is going to be carried out. For example, in dental procedures, whereby which a patient is having a tooth extracted, they will be administered with a local anesthetic, where the medication is inserted into the surrounding area, in this case the…show more content…
1.3 Neuraxial anesthesia is a form of regional anesthesia, which is a highly used and effective method of producing an analgesic effect, along with neuromuscular paralysis to allow surgical conditions to be at its most favorable to carry out painless surgeries. Some of the most common neuraxial/regional anesthetics are known as an epidural or spinal anesthetic. An excellent pre-operative analgesic is characterized to minimize any stress, which could be resulted from the surgery, as well as to protect the myocardium, and limit any neuroendocrine effects. The way in which this anesthetic works, is through the injection of the anesthetic medication into the spine, more specifically into the fatty tissue which surrounds the nerve roots. Spinal anesthesia is the injection of the anesthetic into the cerebrospinal fluid, which surrounds the spinal cord. This insertion of anesthesia into these particular places causes a numbing in the patient, which begins from the abdomen straight through to the toes and therefore eliminates the need for a general anesthesia. Regional/neuraxial anesthesia is provided quite usually as an epidural during childbirth and labor for women who can chose to request or deny it. It is also quite commonly used after surgeries, where there is an ongoing pain, usually for surgeries associated with the lungs or lower extremities. It relieves the patient of any after pain. The initial injection of the regional anesthetic is performed whilst
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