The Use Of Art, Sculptures And Architecture

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The Use of Art, Sculptures and Architecture There is many variations of art nowadays, when one thinks of art they think about Michelangelo, Van Gogh, or Picasso. But, religion has a great influence on the art scene. Religions use art to emphasise their faith and its importance. Christianity art is solely based upon Jesus, his followers and saints. Throughout history Christian art has been connected to mainstream idea of art. However, there are several other religions that demonstrate their faith through art, sculptures, and architecture. Aboriginal spirituality solely bases the art off the faith. Instead of drawing portrayals of someone who is important to the faith, they have symbols that symbolize the Great Spirit or being. Whereas, in the Hindu religion art is used to create an image of the deities that represent Brahma. Clearly, these religions have similarities and differences. But, they have greater connections to one another than one thinks because they all want to represent their significant religious figures to the best of their ability. The beginning of Christianity art did not start until the end of the 2nd century and 3rd century. Those who converted to Christianity wanted to show the value of their faith by using an image. However, there were not any images on dominated images like the Crucifix were not drawn. But, the images that were created had to be hidden especially during the time of oppression from the Romans. In terms of early architecture, the
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