The Use Of Benzodiazepines Or Opioids Increase The Risk Of Falls

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In order to find an adequate number of articles, there were various Boolean terms searched. Originally the PICO(T) question was: does an increase in opioid usage correlate with an increase in falls in the elderly compared to non-opioid medication usage? Locating articles, for the original PICO(T), was an issue in trying to find relevant information for the clinical case. Databases such as CINHAL, EBSCO, Medline, ProQuest, etc. were used for research, however, there was little luck in finding articles that were useful. Restrictions were placed on the PICO(T) search to the current research question which yielded more valid articles relevant to the clinical issue. The proposed research question is: does the use of benzodiazepines or opioids increase the risk of falls in elderly patients compared to non-opioid medications like NSAIDS over the course of a year? With this search, over two thousand articles were provided. The search was narrowed by limiting to specific age groups (65 years and older), English language, within the past five years (2012-2016), and human relations. The Boolean terms, OR benzodiazepines and opioids OR falls OR 65 years old, was also used to further narrow the results down to under twenty. Four articles were chosen with the first article being: Psychotropic medications, including short acting benzodiazepines; strongly increase the frequency of falls in elderly, written by Atrid Strien, Huiberdina Koek, Rob van Marum, and Marielle Emmelot-Vonk. The

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