The Use Of Brand Placements In Hollywood And Bollywood Movies

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Product placement in movies has been one of the innovative and effective approaches to market an item, brand, or business. In this marketing strategy, the marketers integrate brands in different components of the entertainment industry such as movies, television series, music videos and video games. One of the profitable and popular means of brand integration is by placing it in movies.
Hollywood and Bollywood (movies produced in India) are two of the growing and profitable movie industry in the world. In 2016, Hollywood led the role of the most profitable movie industry in the world by generating $11.4 billion dollars in revenue. On the other hand, in the same year, Bollywood released the largest number of movies in the world and was the fifth most profitable movie industry in the world that generated $1.9 billion dollars (Kiprop, 2017). The prevalence of product placement has been profoundly noticed in both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Research suggests that such placements increase brand awareness and enhances positive attitude among the viewers. Similarly, it also plays a huge role to increase the brand equity (Michael et al., 2009). In simple terms, people are exposed to brands in movies, which causes them to perceive brands in a positive or negative manner by subconsciously relating it to the storyline.
On the other hand, the benefits of the product placement are not only limited to the brands. It costs millions of dollars to produce a movie. Hence,
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