The Use Of Broad Spectrum Antibiotics For Combat Resistance Essay

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With antibiotic resistance escalating, it is clear that there needs to be more of an emphasis on the development and testing of new treatments to combat resistance. However, the argument over whether or not antibiotic development should be promoted or squashed remains in the healthcare community. Demarijan et al. (2015) stated that “although emerging resistance mechanisms are being identified and resistant infections are on the rise, new antibiotic development has slowed considerably” (page 871). This conglomerate is of the opinion that there needs to be an increase in the development of treatments of antibiotics, but in order for that to be successful, the focus of the development should focus attention away from the creation of broad-spectrum antibiotics. The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics has led to an increase in the number of resistant bacteria strains because they can be used for multiple types of bacteria. As a result it has allowed multiple types of bacteria to mutate and become resistant which makes it difficult to administer care to the patient in need (872). The preference is for new antibiotics to be created for type specific strains of bacteria coupled with the use of influenza vaccines and pneumococcal conjugates (p. 871-873).
In agreement with Demarijan et al (2015) is the president’s council of advisors on science and technology. In the Report to the President on Combatting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (2014), there is quite a bit of discussion on the
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